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Grant Writing & Management

Researching grant opportunities and preparing application and proposal documents. We can help with project budgets and financial analyses, general grant management and reporting.  M.S.  Lane Consulting LLC has expertise in federal and state grants and can guide you through these cumbersome processes with relative ease.

Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

Facilitating strategic thought in your organization using highly effective analytical tools that help you make smarter, more considered decisions based on a road map created by you and your stakeholders.  Using a SWOT analysis, we will develop your strategic plan, identify your mission and vision as well as establish goals and objectives for your organization.

Executive Recruiting

Searching for a high-level executive leader? We can help you recruit the "best and brightest" candidates to meet your organizational goals and objectives.  We use a decision matrix to filter through the applicants to establish a pool of  the best qualified candidates based on a position profile established from your input and approved by you! 


Feasibility Studies/Public Policy Analysis


 Fiscal Distress Early Intervention- Financial Analysis, Budget Forecasting

 Unfunded Liability Analysis-Pension and Retiree Health Action Planning

 Succession Planning 

 Organization Change


 Position Description and Salary Studies


 Special Project Management

Just need us to take a quick look at something you are already working on?

Compare our remote Project Review Packages and find the best fit for you.

 Cursory Review


Flat Fee

Best for those who just need some direction.

3 Hours of Project Review

1 Phone Call/ (up to) 5 Emails

One-Page Consult Memo

Free Quote For Further Assistance

Professional Courtesy Review


Flat Fee

Best for those who value quality control.

8 Hours of Project Review

2 Phone Calls/(up to) 10 Emails

(Up to) 5-page Consult Memo

Free Quote For Further Assistance

Monthly Retainer


Flat Fee Per Month

Best for those with many projects and little time.

25 Hours of Project Review (per month)

Unlimited Calls/Emails

(Up to) 5-page Consult Memo/(Up to) 10-slide PowerPoint Presentation-(Per Project)

In-Progress Project Review Packages (PRP) are subject to a professional services agreement.  Any services rendered outside the parameters of the PRP will be billed at an hourly rate established at the time of the execution of the professional services agreement and will be billed in addition to any flat fee services rendered to the client. 

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